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    INFLUENCERS: The High Line

    Dave and I lived one block from an entrance to The High Line. This celebrated, mostly native garden transformed an abandoned, elevated freight rail line into a public park that’s become a model for environmental sustainability and urban renewal. Sarah and Dave on The High Line, 2010 Living so close, we treated the High Line like it was our own backyard.  On warm nights I’d rush home from work, pack dinner so that we could dine with a panoramic view of the sunset. We’d try to grab one of the wooden lounge chairs that you could slide along the old…

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    The Marketing Agency is Our Own Front Lawn

    The Marketing Agency is Our Own Front Lawn It’s the trashy parts of towns where people are most likely to encounter a native garden. The old dump site that’s now a restored wetland. The flood zone reborn as a rain…

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    Taking out Invasives

    Emerald & Gold, an invasive shrub that’s distributed via bird poop. The WILD garden came with two highly invasive shrubs originally from Asia. Burning Bush — by the kitchen window.  And Emerald & Gold along the fence line. Burning Bush…

  • Only thing missing is the roof. Credit: c27Sardinia.com

    Inside Out Homes

    When did gardens stop being gardens and become inside-out homes? Backyards are now “retreats” with areas to cook, dine, bathe and even sleep....Doesn’t anyone want to garden anymore?

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    Fight for Survival

    Popular nature documentaries feature dramatic fights for survival. “Jaws and claws” scenes boost ratings, but routine survival is more about devouring….greens.

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    Bed Number One

    It began with Bed Number One. I was eager to garden. I’d lived in cities all my adult life and had not had a chance to plant anything since my Mother set aside plots in her garden for her children…