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Wild in the Garden State is the story of connecting to the natural world in suburban New Jersey. Dave and Sarah are city transplants who want a beautiful, ecological garden, but don’t have any gardening experience. The documentary short (under 30 minutes) captures the transformation of a 130-foot-lawn into a life-sustaining place of wonder.

This timely film will attract experienced and new gardeners who want to spend less time maintaining a pristine — and unhealthy — lawn and more time enjoying the natural world, right in their own backyard.

Filmmaker Sarah Galloway honed her craft producing exhibit media for the American Museum of Natural History. Husband Dave is an architect who is inspired to garden for nature while creating a beautiful, park-like space

WILD in the Garden State began as video notetaking while I learned to garden. Native plant gardening was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to share it and reach an audience who—through no fault of their own—don’t realize the central role that gardens can play in supporting the natural world. WILD in the Garden State was shot on ordinary smart phones (Motorolla Droid X, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy) as well as a GoPro camera over the course of ten years in Ocean, New Jersey.

2 thoughts on “Watch the Trailer!”

  • Hi Sarah
    Can you tell us how we can watch the movie “Wild in the garden state”. Someone attending the Utopia Festival in Greenbelt MD recommended it to me but it was too late to see it.
    Any upcoming showing ? Virtual ones we could attend remotely.? Please contact me by email if there are alternative ways of sharing the movie.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for your interest in “WILD in the Garden State”! Once “WILD” has completed the festival circuit in Spring 2023 I hope to share via Jersey-Friendly Yards. Details to still be worked out; please stay tuned for more info. Thanks again for your interest! —Sarah

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