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Treatment for WILD in the Garden State

The WILD Garden
Before it got WILD

Wild in the Garden State explores what happens when a typical suburban lawn is transformed into a life-sustaining garden.

Sarah and her husband Dave move from an apartment in New York City to a house in New Jersey complete with a rectangle of lawn and a white picket fence.

At first, they can’t tell the difference between weeds and plants. But soon they begin to transform their lawn into a designed landscape.

They begin with a small “pollinator garden” as a way to “… attract a variety of bees and butterflies.” 

In just a few months this small garden bed attracts tiny sweat bees, iridescent dragonflies, goldfinches as well as a monarch butterfly…varieties of birds and insects that hadn’t visited the garden before.

Shot over five years, WILD in the Garden State explores the transformation of a typical suburban yard into a place of natural wonder.

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