Treatment for WILD in the Garden State

Treatment for WILD in the Garden State
The WILD Garden
Before it got WILD

Wild in the Garden State

What happens when typical suburban lawn is replaced with a native garden? Life gets Wild in the Garden State!

Sarah and her husband Dave move from an apartment in New York City to a house in New Jersey complete with a white picket fence and a 130-foot span of lawn. From her work as a video producer for the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Sarah is familiar with the environmental threats from typical lawn care services. Dave is an Architect and hopes to transform their lawn into a beautiful, park-like space.

The city transplants both want a beautiful, eco-friendly garden, but have little gardening experience. To get started they mail-order a pre-planned, native pollinator garden. When a monarch first arrives — to nectar on a native meadow blazing star — it feels like a natural miracle. Encouraged, they continue to transform their lawn into a beautiful, life-sustaining habitat.

Shot over ten years, WILD in the Garden State documents gardening mis-steps, lessons and experiences that go far beyond replacing a rectangle of lawn. It’s a story of connecting to the natural world in suburban New Jersey.  

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